The Whole Summer Truffle is the perfect product for enthusiasts who do not want to give up the pleasure of tasting truffles 12 months a year: its strong point is its naturalness since it is a truffle washed and preserved in brine, without addition. of other ingredients. It can be processed like fresh truffles: grated, sliced and made into flakes. You can use either extra virgin olive oil (with truffle) or butter (with truffle) as a basis for the preparation of the dish. The preserving liquid (brine) contained inside the jar must be used for cooking.

COOKING SUGGESTIONS: it is excellent to be enjoyed cut into flakes on scrambled eggs or to flavor pasta, risotto or polenta. Ideal for flavoring carpaccio or tartare. You can also grate to season the pasta with a drizzle of oil and, if you like, a clove of garlic.