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MARFUGA® “NOVELLO” Italian Extra virgin Olive Oil is the first oil of the year. It is obtained from olives picked by hand before they are fully ripened and bottled without being filtered, in order to maintain all its precious chemical and organoleptic qualities unaltered. The product is characterized by its intense green colour and fresh and grassy fragrance. The flavor incorporates hints of artichoke with an harmonious mild bitterness and peppery quality. It is sold in clear glass bottles, purposely chosen for this product to show its captivating intense green colour. The MARFUGA® production of “NOVELLO” Extra Virgin Olive Oil occurs in a limited period of time, from mid-October to Mid-November, and it is found in authorized selling-points up to the early months of the year.(The slight sediment that settles at the bottom of the bottle reflects the genuineness of the product).

10 October to 10 November


With its intense green colour, we suggest to use it strictly raw on bruschetta (toasted bread, oil, and salt) or Panzanella (made from day-old bread marinated in tomatoes, oil, vinegar, salt, and herbs). Excellent on legumes and vegetable soups and red meat.

Simple dishes like plain rice and pasta with parmesan cheese slivers enhance its intense freshness.

Available Formats
  • Bottle Lt. 0,750
  • Bottle Lt. 0,500