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Every day I discover I have a future! A future that comes from the wonderful gratification I get from doing this job, a noble craft that goes beyond a mere production and becomes a calling to preserve and transmit this wisdom.


Our History

In Umbria olive farming is one of the most ancient in Italy, as the first to take care of this plant were the Etruscan.

The extra virgin olive oil has became one of the main treasure of Umbria and doesn’t exist a place that is not characterized by the presence of olive trees.

Our company is located at the feet of the majestic hill Marfuga, from which it take the name, covered by the nicest and most fertile land of the valley of Spoleto.

Our family comes from a long line of farmers, who have made and sold olive oil since 1817. Since 1900 my great-grandfather Domenico already used to send glass jugs with the precious nectar to families of northern Italy, as certified in some documents found in the family archives.

However, the real growth arrived thanks to the will and the perseverance of my father Ettore, who, in the years of agricultural crisis (around 1950/’60), despite having undertaken the banking career, he maintained a true passion for the oil and for his land and he transmitted his dedication to all his relatives. His passion lead him to take over new olive tree groves and, in 1976, to realize a new mill.

The main aim of my father Ettore was to produce an impeccable extra virgin olive oil.

He transmit me the motivation, the passion and the competences that remain the base of all the important success that our products are achieving in many well known and qualified restaurants and high gastronomy shops in Europe and in the United States.

Our strength comes from our high quality standards as demonstrated by all the awards obtained in several national and regional competition.


Our Philosophy

My company is equipped with custom state-of-the-art technology which makes it possible to fulfill my sky-high quality standards… Of course, the best machinery alone would not be enough to make a good extra virgin oil, but it can make a great extra virgin olive oil extraordinary

Oil growing in Umbria, especially in the peculiar context of the Company MARFUGA, has always kept values that go beyond economy and agriculture.

The enhancement of the oil represent an operation that, through communication and awareness of both workers and consumers, is connected not just to the quality of the product but to the all system.

This is easily verified just by taking a look at the farm holiday structure or just walking across the 12.000 olive trees, or, even better, visiting the company, designed not just as a mill but as a place of warm welcome for the final consumer where, in fact, there is an open space where every year take place conferences, events, art exhibitions.

The philosophy and interpretation of the oil by Francesco Gradassi, owner of the company MARFUGA, is understood tasting the excellent products such as the extra virgin olive oil MARFUGA DOP UMBRIA Colli Assisi-Spoleto and the extra virgin olive oil “L’Affiorante” MARFUGA Monocultivar Moraiolo.

The design MARFUGA aims on enhancing the umbrian territory, in particular the town of Campello sul Clitunno, with the production of “EXTREME OILS”, how Francesco likes to call them.

The extravirgin olive oils come from the strains, sweat and hard work of men. They are produced in areas geographically impervious, cultivated in tiny plots of land stolen from the mountains, from the rocks, from the woods. The extra virgin olive oils, extraordinary, rich with history, rare (sometimes the production is of only a few thousand of bottles) and precious.

They are appreciated by those who love the authentic extarvirgin oils, fruity and fragrant, with an unmistakable flavor of olive, definetely herbaceous with prominent hints of artichoke and green almond.

Each fruit has its perfect moment to be picked. We harvest some of our olives before they are fully ripe, to make fruity and fragrant extra virgin olive oils that may be used a crudo (uncooked). The rest we pick at their perfect ripening point, to produce more balanced oils which are mildly fruity and, therefore, very versatile


How we work

Our olive tree groves extend across Campello sul Clitunno, Spoleto e Trevi, in the heart of Umbria, with about 40 hectares, at an altitude of 300 – 600 m. a.s.l.
They provide fruits for an oil of an extremely high quality and that is present in the P.D.O. production disciplinary (Protected Designation of Origin) Colli Assisi – Spoleto and in the AIAB disciplinary (Italian Association of Biologic Agriculture).

The company, and the majority of the olive groves, are in CAMPELLO SUL CLITUNNO, on the hill of MARFUGA, from where the company takes the name.
The main cultivar of our groves are MORAIOLO (75%), FRANTOIO (15%) and LECCINO (10%).
The variety MORAIOLO is the predominant cultivar in this area from long time.
A cold continental climate (that protects the plants from the olive fly), the characteristics of the soil and the modern technics of cultivation (without any treatment based on agrochemicals) contribute on producing oil of the highest quality.

HARVEST,the olives are picked in the months of October, November and December. It is carried out completely by hand in order to preserve the quality of the olives.

STORAGE OF THE OLIVES The olives are stored in plastic cases with holes in order to receive a better ventilation and avoid the forming of molds. The olives are processed within 12/24 hours after harvest in order to guarantee the high quality of the product.

EXTRACTION The oil is extracted through a continuous process, that is without any interruptions between the phases (grinding, malaxation and pressing) at a controlled temperature of 27° C in the company mill.
This goes to the benefit of the final quality of the oil.

STORAGE AND CONSERVATION OF THE OIL, The oil is kept in stainless steel tanks, under nitrogen and at a controlled temperature. This preserves the product from oxidation.

BOTTLING, The oil is bottled directly from the company according to the HACCP policies (Hazard Analysis an Critical Control Points). After a brief rest, according to requirements, the oil is filtered naturally in order to maintain unaltered its nutritional and organoleptic characteristics. The oil is then bottled in glass bottles (we strictly use dark glass bottles to avoid the contacts with the light and protect the quality of the product) or in cans, ready to be commercialized.

In the company the bottling takes place daily according to orders for the oil to arrive fresh to the final consumers.

Our staff

Lo staff Marfuga

Francesco Gradassi
CEO/Oil Maker

Federica Tondini Gradassi
Public Relations and Marketing

Ettore Gradassi
Managing Director

Paola Fabrizi
National and International Sales Representative

Serena Loretoni
National and International Sales Representative

Francesco Facchino
Farming Operator

Maria Kosovrasti
Bottling Manager

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