“Every day I discover I have a future! A future that comes from the wonderful gratification I get from doing this job, a noble craft that goes beyond a mere production and becomes a calling to preserve and transmit this wisdom.”

Francesco Gradassi

In Umbria olive farming is one of the most ancient in Italy, as the first to take care of this plant were the Etruscan.

The extra virgin olive oil has became one of the main treasure of Umbria and doesn’t exist a place that is not characterized by the presence of olive trees.

Our company is located at the feet of the majestic hill Marfuga, from which it take the name, covered by the nicest and most fertile land of the valley of Spoleto.

Our family comes from a long line of farmers, who have made and sold olive oil since 1817. Since 1900 my great-grandfather Domenico already used to send glass jugs with the precious nectar to families of northern Italy, as certified in some documents found in the family archives.

However, the real growth arrived thanks to the will and the perseverance of my father Ettore, who, in the years of agricultural crisis (around 1950/’60), despite having undertaken the banking career, he maintained a true passion for the oil and for his land and he transmitted his dedication to all his relatives. His passion lead him to take over new olive tree groves and, in 1976, to realize a new mill.

The main aim of my father Ettore was to produce an impeccable extra virgin olive oil.

He transmit me the motivation, the passion and the competences that remain the base of all the important success that our products are achieving in many well known and qualified restaurants and high gastronomy shops in Europe and in the United States.

Our strength comes from our high quality standards as demonstrated by all the awards obtained in several national and regional competition.