“My company is equipped with custom state-of-the-art technology which makes it possible to fulfill my sky-high quality standards… Of course, the best machinery alone would not be enough to make a good extra virgin oil, but it can make a great extra virgin olive oil extraordinary. “

Francesco Gradassi

Oil growing in Umbria, especially in the peculiar context of the Company MARFUGA, has always kept values that go beyond economy and agriculture.

The enhancement of the oil represent an operation that, through communication and awareness of both workers and consumers, is connected not just to the quality of the product but to the all system.

This is easily verified just by taking a look at the farm holiday structure or just walking across the 12.000 olive trees, or, even better, visiting the company, designed not just as a mill but as a place of warm welcome for the final consumer where, in fact, there is an open space where every year take place conferences, events, art exhibitions.

The philosophy and interpretation of the oil by Francesco Gradassi, owner of the company MARFUGA, is understood tasting the excellent products such as the extra virgin olive oil MARFUGA DOP UMBRIA Colli Assisi-Spoleto and the extra virgin olive oil “L’Affiorante” MARFUGA Monocultivar Moraiolo.

The design MARFUGA aims on enhancing the umbrian territory, in particular the town of Campello sul Clitunno, with the production of “EXTREME OILS”, how Francesco likes to call them.

The extravirgin olive oils come from the strains, sweat and hard work of men. They are produced in areas geographically impervious, cultivated in tiny plots of land stolen from the mountains, from the rocks, from the woods. The extra virgin olive oils, extraordinary, rich with history, rare (sometimes the production is of only a few thousand of bottles) and precious.

They are appreciated by those who love the authentic extarvirgin oils, fruity and fragrant, with an unmistakable flavor of olive, definetely herbaceous with prominent hints of artichoke and green almond.