Marfuga- Produzione e vendita di Olio Extravergine di oliva Umbro

Since 1817 We have been making and bottling the juice of our history


A Family tradition

In Umbria olive farming is one of the most ancient in Italy, as the first to take care of this plant were the Etruscan.
The extra virgin olive oil has became one of the main treasure of Umbria and doesn’t exist a place that is not characterized by the presence of olive trees.

The aim of my project is to honour the land of Umbria through the production of what I like to call “Extreme Oils”. Extra virgin olive oils that are fruit of dedication and respect for our traditional wisdom, borne from trees growing in craggy terrain that yield but a few thousand bottles… and enormous satisfaction!”

Our Oils


The energy of nature and the functional properties of Bio Marfuga oil

From advanced research Marfuga Bio a new line of natural cosmetics that exploit the benefits of natural ingredients and the exceptional properties of Bio MARFUGA oil. Products made with natural and certified organic ingredients from a controlled supply chain.


Guarda il video

MARFUGA®Video Presentation of the Company. Harvesting, pressing and finished product… all the way to obtain the precious 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil.